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General Puppy Information



 Included with your Magic puppy you will receive A. K. C. ,  A.C.A or APRI registration papers, your 2 year Health Guarantee and all vaccinations will be up to date. We will provide you with the Health Record and a detailed vaccination schedule to share with your veterinarian. Puppy's dew claws will be removed. Our puppies receive regular preventative de-worming to avoid any parasitical issues. Your Puppy will visit the Vet at 3 days, 6 weeks and 8 for it's Health Certificate

Your puppy will not be ready to leave until eight to ten weeks of age. Your puppy will have a jump start on training beginning at 5-6 weeks old. We start working on potty training and crate training. There is an additional charge for complete training and will take additional time. Some puppies take less time and others more time depending upon their personalities and how quickly they pick it up. It is however very important to start this as soon as they are developmentally ready so they can get going in the right direction. Each puppy is receiving individualized attention on a daily basis. They will be companions to our family during their stay here.

They will be very well socialized living here with different experiences, sights and sounds including knowing how to act around children and other animals. Your puppy will also be groomed at least once a week including bath time, nail trimming, ear cleaning, etc. We work with them every day in order to prepare them to become well rounded, confident companions.

We take a lot of the stress out of getting a new puppy for you. You will not have to get up at night with a crying puppy. Our philosophy is to introduce the crate to each puppy in a slow, non-traumatic, progressing fashion, so the puppy learns that the crate is their "safe haven." It is natural instinct for dogs to den at night.

Our puppies are never sold on co-ownership nor do we require a return for litter/breeding as a condition of sale.



We ask for half of the puppy's price,  deposit per puppy. We offer payment plans. We will do all we can to work with our new families, to place the puppy you have chosen with you. 

Deposits will be partial payments towards the purchase of your puppy that will be placed on HOLD.  Deposits are not returned unless puppy dies. Delays in shipping do not warrant refunds or deposits returns.

Balance of monies due 5 days before puppy ships

We use PetPay and Paypal




The cost for air shipping is $275.00 to $300.00. 

We ship throughout the U.S.

We accept cash, money orders, Pay Pal or wire transfers.

We ship Climate Controlled Airlines with Pet-safe Programs. When we have extreme heat or cold puppies may ship the stress free Temperature Controlled Ground Petsafe way to travel.

We only ship on airlines that provide climate controlled conditions meaning your puppy will be traveling in the same temperatures as the passengers on the plane.

Our puppies fly extremely well due to the fact that they are crate trained and the socialization skills they learn here.

When shipped, your puppy will be sent in an airline approved crate. There will be plenty of room for your puppy to stand fully erect, turn around and lie down comfortably. There will be shredded paper and a baby blanket for your puppy in the crate to lay on. The baby blanket will have been rub with your puppies Mother's scent A food and water tray will be attached to the inside front door. Food and water will be sent along with your puppy including a collar and leash so you are able to take your puppy out readily.


About Ground Transport  

We have a ground transport service that ships out on Monday morning and covers most of the USA for $150.00. The service was started by Vets and is a very nice setup. We prefer this option because of the great team and someone is with the puppy 24/7 with medical training. They will deliver as close as they can get to you.
States NOT included in ground shipping routes are on the map below. This map does change so please check with me before counting on Ground Shipping. 

Ground Delivery Areas in blue