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Magic Puppies Guarantee

Magic Puppies

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Noel MO 64854 Terms of 2 year Health Guarantee







SALES TAX__________________




This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. It has received the required vaccinations, dewormings and veterinarian visits and you will be provided the records. Your puppy has been loved, well socialized and fed the best foods. Given NuVet Plus daily

to build his or her immune system.

Your puppy will need approximately two weeks to adjust to its new home. If you are having problems or questions, please contact us at 417-385-3923.

We guarantee to REPLACE the puppy for the following of two reasons. WE DO NOT REFUND MONEY.

          1. For a life threatening genetic defect for up to 2 years from birth date_______

          2. For the death of puppy from parvo or distemper within 7 days of purchase date__________

To validate this agreement you must: have your dog checked my a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 7 days of receipt. You must provide a Vet. report of this visit to make a claim. The following is also required to validate your guarantee.

1)Your puppy must be Registered in your name.

  • 2) Your Micro Chip must be registered to you and included in your Vet. Report

  • 3) Your Puppy must be on NuVet Plus. NuVet sends me a record of all people that are on NuVet Plus. Please keep by your dog's fWe do not guarantee the adult size of puppy. We do not guarantee this puppy to be show quality. Our puppies are sold as pets only. We do not guarantee this puppy for breeding. We do not guarantee this puppy against worms or coccidiosis, or giardia.

    We highly recommend you sign up for a Puppy Kindergarten or Beginner Puppy class.

    This is a great bonding time for the whole family to get involved in. We have had World Champion Agility dogs that started out with the first class, loved it so much they kept going. We do not guarantee against training difficulties, so do join a class. Dogs love to learn and please their family,

    We love our dogs and puppies. We work very hard at placing them in the right homes. We understand things happen in life that can not be foreseen, if at anytime you are not able to keep your puppy or dog please contact us to return it. This is not a money return, this is to assure that your puppy is re-homed with a proper home and family. Under no circumstance is this puppy or dog to end up in a shelter or rescue. If we are contacted that this has happened we will contact you to find out what happened. If you turned this puppy or dog into the shelter you will be flagged as a home that a pet should not be placed in.

    If at any time you have any question please call us to assist you with your paper work or


    The third page of this document is to explain to you the reason we require your puppy be on NuVet Plus for life. We do have the right to expect you to keep your puppy on NuVet for at least the time your puppy is under this guarantee. This is a contract between you and Magic Puppies in the best interest of your puppy, your new family member.

    Congratulations on the purchase of your new Magic Puppy. We are proud you have made the decision to make a Magic Puppy the newest member of your family.


    Andre M. Damrill

    Andre and the Magic Puppies.

  • ood and give 1 tab a day for ultimate health.

  • 4) I must receive notice as soon as your pet arrives with a picture. I also must be notified immediately if your puppy becomes ill and goes to the Vet. {f your puppy is ill you must take your puppy to your Veterinarian.

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