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Companion Dog Chihuahua Smart Well Trained


Rico Is the funniest and cutest personality. He can be the best entertainment for anyone, children, and older person or a family. He has a loving, sweet character. He is not like a fussy picky Chihuahua.

He is also crate and house. We have trained him to be a great companion for anyone. He is great company. This is one funny little dog. He is about 7 lbs. He is a study guy that can pull his own weight. He wil sleep in a crate or in bed with you. He can jump up in the chair for you , so you do not have to pick him up. We trained a Chihuahua for my Mother and she is 90 now and loves her Chihuahua. Shipping would be extra. Call, text or email 417-385-3923

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