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The following was written in 2013. It is a true experience. My love for each and everyone of our lost loves stays  in my memory. Gone but never forgotten. Andre Damrill March 2016


My heart has been broken twice in a years time. November 2012 right after Thanksgiving, we lost 28 puppies and 30 sires and dams. The mothers of these puppies I had raised their line for generations. Working to bring the best in Boston Terrier puppies. Our kennel was nice. It was heated, cooled, had music, bright lighting, easy to keep our dogs clean warm and safe. Someone sneak in, in the middle of the night and set the kennel on fire. It was the most horrible thing I had ever witnessed or gone through. The fight to save our dogs seemed to go on forever, when it was only minutes. Yes we were able to save some of our sweet dogs but lost so many also. I still see my babies everyday in my thoughts and memories of them. My heart still breaks and my eyes tear up in grief. The Fire Marshal showed us were the fire had been started on the outside of the building. 


We went broke rebuilding for the dogs we had remaining. We lost a house, credit, so much, but our love for our dogs would not let us stop trying to rebuild their homes. We fortunately separated the houses, the Boxers in one house, the Bostons, Yorkies in another and Poms in their own. This was mainly because we had to build in stages. It was not a pre-planned idea, it just happened that way. Well it is a good thing we did because this year 2013, November (the same month as last year) our Boxer house was sat on fire, killing 7 boxer puppies. We were able to save the adults and the mother to the puppies. Everyday she runs to the burnt building looking for her babies. Why God would someone kill innocent dogs and puppies? Is there a justice in heaven for someone that is this cruel?


I believe this kind of thing happens because of the propaganda that is out calling good breeders puppy mills. When in fact it is just wrong. I believe that our state has the best breeders of pedigreed, pure bred dogs in this country. State of the Art. Where Kentucky is known for great horses, Missouri should be known for great dogs. We have wonderful breeding conferences, breeders learning credits and tons of paper work to do. Cleaning, caring and loving our dogs and the puppies are the top of our list of duties. Staying in touch with our puppies families, finding out how the puppies are doing, growing and adjusting to new homes, the list goes on. Inspections by our Beautiful State of Missouri to insure dogs and puppies in Missouri are treated with love and good care.

Now I come to the part of why I breed, I love the creation part of the puppies growing in the Moms, the excitement of the wait to due date, the preparation of the babies coming into the world. The joy of seeing Mom welcome her babies into the world. Her needing to be encouraged to eat the first days because she is too busy to want to eat, caring for babies. Having to pick Mom up and carry her out to potty because she does not want to leave her babies long enough to take care of herself. Watching the puppies grow, learning how smart the mother is in taking care of her puppies. The way she gradually starts to separate from the pups until she is done raising the babies. Nature has put everything in the genes of her creations. Millions of little time clocks that the dogs go by in their instinctive lives. In the wild the mother will lead the pups off when it is time to let go and move on. When she has taught them all they need to make it in the world. All of this happening in short weeks of time. The propaganda makers would have people believe the breeders rip the puppies from their mothers, the mothers hurting for the pups. No when Mom's work is done that is were the breeder comes in, like a teacher taking over to prepare the puppy for the world. Looking for the right family to love and care for this someday "Best friend" to a person or family. As God has intended. How do people think these wonderful creatures come into their lives, there is a process as with all things.   

Now the other reason I love breeding, "The Families". The process of finding the right family, the one that is needing this puppy in their life. Some think the prices of the pups are set to make tons of money, Breeders make very little money, all going back into vet care, food, breeding improvements, better everything for the dogs. The price does take care of the dogs that are having the pups, but it is also to set the standard, the bar of who cares enough to pay the price to bring this quality puppy that was raised with love and care into their lives. If you want a Chevy or can only afford a Chevy a Chevy is what you will get. If you want top of the line, a Cadillac , Mercedes, etc that is what you will get but of course it is more money as the Chevy is less. The same is a Boston Terrier is Caddy and the mix breed is the Chevy. You can go to the shelter and get your Chevy or go to a good breeder and get your Cadillac. Now you say cars are not puppies, but the quality, the history, the build, the information these are all the same as bringing a quality puppy into your life. One that you know what you will get, that you know is top of the line, the best. I Love breeding quality puppies for quality families. Finding that quality family for my puppy, that is the icing on the cake, the cherry on the milkshake that is what it is all about.


Will this most recent heart break, this disappointment a world of unfairness make me stop breeding quality dogs. NO, I will not stop doing what I love, the saying about finding what you love in life and doing that will make you do well at it and make you happy. This is what I love and no fool is going to make me stop doing what I love.